platypusfighter asked:

A question. Do u requests or just commissions?

I do both sporatically. You can send me commission details any time. however, you cant ask for a request unless I am hosting a specific request stream.


people who go into tags just to be mad about the contents of said tag

Anonymous asked:

Furry anon will always be here to educate you on his culture. Waiting. Watching.

Anonymous asked:

Down to yiff.

Thank you kind anon

Oh no! Somebody draws what they feel like drawing! Bad, bad talented artist. Wasting your talent. Stop it.

Anonymous asked:

What does "dty" in the proff ask mean?



yamatosvk asked:

what is happening? are bots finally taking over tumblr? will they start submitting posts and ask questions?

well if bots are just gonna send me porn then thats ok

hiroshi-tea replied to your photo:But..?
Congrats your now an official porn blog!

It would make more sense if they submitted it to this blog tho

I might be working on painting that centaur lady

I do have better things to do but

couldn’t help myself

Anonymous asked:

omfg, ur proff is dty? Or u think he just teasing you :3c

He’s an animator.. He used to work for Disney back when it was traditional.. and, well, typically animators are semi-furry.

  • Doodling zombie pony’s ref sheet at the end of class.
  • Professor walks by.
  • "Woah sexy Centaur~!"
  • Hides face “omg”
  • "Hey gurlie nothin’ wrong with sexy furries"