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Commission for Viewer!

I do reference sheets as well, and tho i shrunk the size for tumblr, the one the commissioner got was well over 2000x2000

Yeeeeehhh TIME FOR OC’S

sorry for donger i guess but I felt if it wasn’t there people would make jokes

peeps need to draw more of dis cutie

Sunday reblog

Did a quick update on’s theme but I really want to make it more unique so I might edit it more when I’m able to.

Sunday reblog
What did you think when you first got 'big' into the community, and have any artists that you looked up to became friends or so?



You know, that realisation didn’t hit me until recently. It’s weird. Despite the popularity, I don’t feel all that different since a year ago. 

Biggest changes are the people I’ve talked to. People I admired started talking to me, so that was pretty rad. 

I still remember almost having a heart attack when Kevinsano popped up in my stream haha

i-it’s not that I like your work or a-anything. mangosmod no baka

I know that feel mango

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Have you thought about possibly moving back in with your parents or a parent? possibly move in with a friend and become roomates? other than living alone it does help when you have a second person or third their that can help. idk your whole situation between you and your parents but its only an idea. maybe it could help?

My parents don’t like dogs. I also do not have the money to move that far.

I don’t have any friends who can house dogs. Nor do I have any friends with money who need room mates. And renting out my one bedroom apartment isn’t so easy.

Trust me, if I had a way around I would have done it. These are not new suggestions to me. I’ve thought of a million ways but atm I’m stuck. So I try to do what I can to live through every month.

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Saturday reblog

Sigh, a cop just came to my door and handed me this. my checks keep bouncing because I haven’t worked much the past two months and drawing takes time and I owed the electric company $800  and had to send money to my parents for loan payments.

I just want to dig a hole and die in it.

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Ok, now that I got some things sorted out in my life again, I can try to start working on things and getting it done.


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Ellen scaring Taylor Swift

It’s my favorite thing to do.

Still not over the fact that Ellen reblogged this.

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I think I love this a little too much.



This is so adorable!

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when you’re at a new friend’s house and u too shy to ask for foodimage

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w h y

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HEY DO YOU HAVE A THIRD NIPPLE?! the reason why I ask is because individuals with multiple moles may have other "moles" on their body which are actually considered to be supernumerary nipples as they are extensions of the vestigial milkline #molegate


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Sorry to hear your day isn't going well. It's almost over though right? Sleep is a wondrous thing when you just need to step out for a second to recharge.

No I have 5 more hours of work.sigh.

Thursday reblog

Today has been so awful that I wish I could go home and sleep until tomorrow.

Thursday reblog

No lie, someone tried to bully me for my moles by dubbing me “Dalmatian Girl”

It was the most hilarious insult anyone has thought up for me.