Anonymous asked:

Oral sex.



Home from Sandysshop

Nooooo … not more thigh highs. Gimmie.

mikeladies asked:

Can't wait to see it if all goes well! Also, uh, the name of that sexy tumblr below is perfect haha

lol yessss lol it is pretty great.

derpah asked:

How old are you?

20-something or other. <3

mikeladies asked:

A bit late, but your Victoria Van Gogh is my new favorite character from you!

hahaha thanks!

I can’t wait until we get the VN production going cause I’mma try to voice her.

Anonymous asked:

after seeing how much you've whines about Nick I am 99 percent sure that you made him up so you could you use it as a sob story when you post and made up drama when you felt like you needed attention C:


derpah asked:

Hey Liz, may I color the drawing I reblogged of yue? I can't send the link here, asks eat links, and if I send you a fan mail you wouldn't be able to respond because you're not following me, I need it as my wallpaper for my phone she's so cute <3

omg thats totally fine with me <3 <3

Anonymous asked:

gamur grills are hawt

Umm.. Sure?

Destiny is pretty rad guys B-)

derpah asked:

Hi liz, I saw that you were saying something about brushes for the smudge tool in your livestream, would you mind sharing them with me? :)

Yep! You can find them on John Silva’s DA. But here’s a link to the pack I downloaded. Be sure to read the description on how to use them.

So I started with 8 sketch commissions, with 2 commissions in queue. Now I’m down to 2 commissions. And 2 bigger commissions.

I have to get started on folio work, too. But this is good. I’m being productive and doing some fun things on the side. Yesss.